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​Hedge Group Journey

Hedge Equities commenced its operations in 2008 under the visionary leadership of Alex K. Babu. In a short time, the company garnered significant attention among retail investors in Kerala. The presence of Padma Shri Mohanlal further enhanced the brand's credibility, solidifying Hedge as a recognized name in the region.
In 2011, the company ventured into wealth management services, starting with just five employees. Today, this division has flourished, managing assets worth over Rs 2,200 crores for more than 4000 families.
With the overarching goal of promoting financial literacy, the Hedge Group established the Hedge School of Applied Economics. This educational initiative has played a pivotal role in cultivating a cadre of informed investors who employ prudent financial planning and investment strategies, a source of pride for the company.
Concurrently, Hedge launched a magazine dedicated exclusively to equity market investments. Presently, this online magazine is emerging as the preferred financial journal among Malayalis, boasting over 11,000 readers.
In 2014, the group expanded into the NBFC segment. Over time, Hedge Finance Ltd has broadened its services, establishing itself as a leading lender in Kerala, offering a diverse range of loan segments including property, equipment finance, MSME lending, gold loans, and consumer loans. Today, the Hedge Group stands as a trusted financial advisor, providing comprehensive solutions across all financial matters, earning the admiration and trust of its clientele.



When a retail wealth management company like Hedge Equities offers its services, there's a prevailing misconception among some that wealth management is exclusively for the affluent. However, Hedge Equities aims to dispel this notion by educating and assisting the public in understanding that wealth management is both a means to accumulate and protect wealth. Every modest investment represents the inception of an investor's journey, with its value steadily appreciating over time. At Hedge Equities, we collaborate with investors to map out their path toward achieving financial freedom.
Regardless of your financial ambitions, you can openly discuss them with us. We are committed to serving as your trusted partner, dedicated to realizing your financial aspirations!
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Hedge School of Applied Economics was established when we realized that while Kerala stands at the forefront of literacy, it lags behind in financial literacy. With the primary goal of educating investors on equity investment strategies, this institution empowers investors with the knowledge to make sound investment decisions. Such investors, equipped with knowledge and skills through the Hedge School's educational programs, make pragmatic and prudent investment choices and serve as a source of pride for us. Their success not only reflects positively on their own financial well-being but also highlights the effectiveness of our institution in fostering financial literacy and empowering individuals to take control of their financial futures. 
Since its inception in 2010, the Hedge School has enabled nearly 50,000 individuals, including investors and students, to excel in the investment arena. In the fiscal year 2023, 5000 people participated in the Hedge School's training programs. For the current fiscal year, we anticipate the participation of over 6000 individuals in courses related to financial literacy.


With the goal of establishing the company as a comprehensive financial hub, Hedge Finance was founded in 2014. Initially, its focus was on providing loans against shares and mutual funds. As time passed, the group diversified its offerings to include car loans and equipment financing. Today, Hedge Finance leads the way by supporting small businesses in their expansion and stock acquisitions. Its foray into the MSME loan sector has significantly impacted the growth and evolution of Kerala's business ecosystem. Our modest contributions have instilled confidence in entrepreneurs. The services provided by Hedge Finance are crafted to be user-friendly and easily accessible, playing a pivotal role in enhancing the Hedge Group's profitability and ensuring seamless financial assistance for our clients.

Alex K Babu

CMD, Hedge Group Of Companies

At Hedge, we envision becoming a financial superstore, where cutting-edge technology forms the backbone of our operations, while  human interaction takes center stage in providing a personalized service.
We've strategically aligned our three core verticals - Hedge School,Hedge Equities, and Hedge Finance - to guide clients through a comprehensive journey. Starting with acquiring knowledge about financial products through Hedge School, clients then proceed to apply their newfound skills and knowledge with the utmost discipline across our other verticals.
Our mission at Hedge is clear: "to partner with our clients in building, managing, and growing their wealth". This statement achieved through thoughtful deliberation and a deep sense of purpose embodies our commitment to turning our vision into a tangible reality.